Early Medieval Art – Project Websites

The art history study collection at Kenyon College features over 600 objects, prints, paintings, and sculptures for faculty and students to use in their classrooms and assignments. The 20 students enrolled in Early Medieval Art (ARHS 232) worked in pairs to conduct original research on artifacts that have never been studied. Students began their investigation by... Continue Reading →

The Miracle-Working Icon of the Virgin at Saidnaya

I recently responded to a post about this interesting image from the thirteenth century. https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970021497732567040 https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970021885051273217 https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970022077024620545 https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970022233811963904 https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970022302548135941 https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970022769957265408 https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970022863276195840 https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970022918192271360 https://twitter.com/bradhostetler/status/970022974270164992

Hippodrome Mosaics Uncovered in Cyprus

The Department of Antiquities in Cyprus uncovered a fourth-century Roman floor mosaic in the village of Akaki, approximately 30 km west of Nicosia. The mosaic is part of a complex of buildings that are believed to have been a private villa. One large section, measuring 11 x 4 meters, depicts a chariot race around the spina of a hippodrome.... Continue Reading →

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